"TEAM" is a health organization that offers information, diagnosis and medical or robotic/laparoscopic surgical treatments to patients with chronic pelvic pain combined with its related clinical manifestations.

The specific objectives and purposes of the "TEAM" are to offer information, correct diagnosis and treatment alternatives to patients who have pudendal neuropathy (PN), pudendal neuralgia (PN), pudendal nerve entrapment (PNE), and related diseases. If you have come to "TEAM" it is probably because you are in pain or you know someone who is in pain. Our goal is that after coming here you will be able to develop a plan of action that will diagnose and treat you get your life back.

The "TEAM" concentrates on
Helping patients to develop a plan of action that will direct them in the decision making process as they seek treatments for their chronic pelvic pain due to pudendal neuralgia .

Research and teaching of pain management, laparoscopic and robotic surgeries in the urology and in the neuro-uropelviology. Apart from the laparoscopic or robotic surgeries of pudendal nerves and different pathologies of the prostate, seminal vesicle (in the male) and bladder such as vault prolapsus and interstitial cystitis, the main focus of the "TEAM" is the medical field of chronic pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction management in female and male.

Neuro-UroPelviology is a branch of medicine specializing in the disorders of the nerves of the pelvis and/or in pelvic disorders which involve or disturb the pelvic nerves in their functions. It deals with pelvic pathologies such as chronic inflammation, cancers, post-surgical damages or other pathologies which disturb the pelvic nerves in their function or induce neural pain on the urogenital system and bladder or prostate resulting in urinary and sexual dysfunctions.

The spectrum of Neuro-UroPelviology
Neuro-UroPelviology touches a variety of medical fields - from urology to the surgery of pelvic nerves. As a special field in medicine in focuses on:
  • Robotic & Laparoscopic, fertility-conserving urologic operations for men with prostate cysts, seminal vesicle pathologies and retrograde ejaculation
  • Robotic & Laparoscopic, nerve-sparing urologic operations: Neuro-UroPelviology includes robotic and laparoscopic surgeries in urology - with the specific aspect of being able to preserve bladder and intestinal functions, as well as sexuality. This is especially true for bladder cancer, radical cystectomy or anterior extantration, as well as prostate cancer in the male or advanced pelvic pathologies,
  • Ropbotic & Laparoscopic surgery of the pelvic nerves: Neuro-UroPelviology makes it possible to diagnose and treat injuries and dysfunctions of the pelvic nerves, including pelvic surgery (such as rupture surgery, uterus removal, radical prostatectomy, etc.).